About Sanaateck

Sanaateck is derived from two words, “sanaa” and “teck”. Sanaa is a swahili word that translates to “art” in English. Sanaateck is therefore a word used to mean ‘The art of technology”. We create technology solutions based on the use of art, beauty, and creativity.

IT Infrastructure is an important tool in modern businesses. Having a well established ICT division will be empower a business to reach markets that it would rather not if it were to rely on the traditional/analogue methods.

Sanaateck will help your business eliminate unnecessary  overheads and enable your workforce to be more efficient.

If you ever want to run a virtual business that doesn’t rely on physical infrastructure, Sanaateck will help you setup the best cloud infrastructure.

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Why us?

We create a solid technology foundation to facilitate efficient flow of business operations.

With our expertise in digital marketing and branding, we help your business access a new level of customer base that wouldn’t be reached otherwise.

Throughput increases automatically with the use of the right tools of work. Technology is the best tool for the 21st Century businesses.

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