Slack, an American cloud-based collaboration tool, was started in 2013. Currently, it is one of the far-famed tools that owes its success to outsourcing, as they hired a Canadian design team MetaLab to help them transform their beta version of the product into a successful one. By outsourcing logo creation, website design, web and mobile applications the company raised a $250 million investment for a total valuation of $5 billion in July 2017. Their latest valuation in August 2018 showed that Slack stands at $7.1 billion.

Slack is deservedly one of the best examples of companies that outsource successfully. By relying their beta testing on MetaLab, they were able to receive valuable feedback, which helped them create a tool that reached 15,000 users within 2 weeks of launching.  In May 2018, the number of users reached 8+ million with large companies like IBM, BBC, and Oracle utilizing Slack in their daily activity.



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